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  • Modular RC Ramp, Cybertruck update

    Modular RC Ramp, Cybertruck update

    RC Car Ramp In the last few days we worked on a Modular RC car ramp, which is currently in Beta phase, so it is under printing and testing. Some improvement need before it will get the 1.0 official version and will be available on our webshop for free. Currently the preliminary Beta version is…

  • Cybertruck RC V1.1

    Cybertruck RC V1.1

    I am pleased to announce that the first minor update of Cybertruck RC has been released today. New features in version 1.1: Follow us for more updates!

  • Cybertruck RC V1.0 – Initial release

    Cybertruck RC V1.0 – Initial release

    Greetings Everyone! I am very happy to announce today that the digital data version V1.0 of the Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 scale RC car is now available on the webshop. The 3D model that you can download now is based on the Tesla Cybertruck that was launched in November 2019 and we are proud to recommend…

  • The website is online

    Today, at 25. Marc 2023 the website went online! Lot of stuff has to be adjust/finished before the webshop will active. Be patient, we do our best to finish the webshop migration.


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