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Modular RC Ramp, Cybertruck update

RC Car Ramp

In the last few days we worked on a Modular RC car ramp, which is currently in Beta phase, so it is under printing and testing. Some improvement need before it will get the 1.0 official version and will be available on our webshop for free. Currently the preliminary Beta version is available on Printables.com

Next Cybertruck changes according Tesla Shareholder Meeting

In the week on Monday was the Tesla Shareholder Meeting and we could see a close to production version of the Tesla Cybertruck. So in the next weeks we will implement the changes on our Tesla Cybertruck RC car, to follow the original design.

The main changes will be according the first looks:

  • We need to add the front wipers
  • We need to change our current Cybertruck mirrors shape
  • We need to change the charging port location
  • Rear bumper need to update
  • Front bumper too
  • From the doors we have to remove the door handles
  • New front light above the front bumper
  • The front / middle seat has to be removed, it looks that it will be not get in the production

You can see the updated Cybertruck from close look here:

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