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2. Components for model car

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Step 1: Filament

Our proposal:


  • Any similar PLA and PETG filament from your Local Filament supplier.

For the most common Cybertruck look, you will need the next filaments:

  1. Black PLA Filament: 2 kg
    • Our proposal: 2x 1 kg Prusament Galaxy Black
  2. Silver PLA Filament: 2 kg
    • Our proposal: 2x 1 kg Prusament Galaxy Silver
  3. White PLA Filament: ca. 0,5 kg
    • Our proposal: 1x 1 kg Prusament PLA Vanilla White
  4. Red PLA filament: ca. 0,2 kg
    • Our Proposal: 1x 1 kg Prusament PLA Lipstick Red
  5. Transparent PLA filament: ca. 0,1 kg (optional, could be replace with white PLA filament)
    • Our proposal: 1x 1 kg Clear PLA filament
  6. PETG: ca. 0,2 kg
    • Our proposal: 1 x 1 kg Prusament PETG Galaxy Black
  7. Flexible filament: TPU, or Flex: ca. 0,2 kg (optional)


Don’t forget that accidents can happen during printing. You should prepare to a failed printing

Be sure that you have enough filament!

Step 2: First layer adhesion

If you had any issue in the past with the sticking / first layer adhesion, you should use some glue during the 3D printing.

Our proposal:


Step 3: Tyre

You can 3D print it from flexible filament if you build a Model Cybertruck, but our proposal to buy it! The rubber tire looks better and grip better, like the 3D printed tires. For RC Cybertruck a rubber trye is must have!


  • Outer Diameter: Max. 96 mm (3,78″)
  • Width: 38 mm (1,49″)
  • Inner diameter: 48 mm (1,9″)
  • With foam insert

Our proposal:


Step 4: Rods

Some places we will use a D3mm diameter rods, you can cut it from a ca. 500 mm long 3 mm rod, or you can buy it with the correct length.


  • 9x D3 x 22 mm
    (Diameter = 3 mm, length = 22 mm)
  • 6x D3x50 mm
    (Diameter = 3 mm, length = 50 mm)

Our proposal:


  • Buy D3 mm rod from your local hardware store and cut it with metal saw

Step 5: Screw and nuts

You can found in the table all screw and nuts information, which are need to assembly a model Cybertruck, or an RC Cybertruck. Be sure that you buy some (+5…+10 pieces) extra peaces for spare!


  • All screws and nuts are Metric types, dimensions are in [mm]
  • If you build RC Cybertruck and you plan to use it in wet condition use Stainless steel (A2, or A4) screws and nuts to avoid rust!

Our proposal:

  • You can buy it from your local hardware shop.


  • You can found the links in the table last column
NameStandardImageScrew size
[Diameter x length] [mm]
Alternative buying options
(Packs to buy)
Hex Socket
head screw
ISO 4762
(DIN 912)
M2x819Screw pack 1:
Link (1x)
M3x148Link (1x)
M3x252Link (1x-1x)
M4x122In “Screw pack 1”
Hex Socket
flat countersunk
head screw
ISO 10642
(DIN 7991)
M3x43Screw pack 2: Link (1x)
M3x169Link1 , Link2
Hex socket button head screwISO 7380
(DIN 7380)
M3x126In “Screw pack 1”
Hex socket set
screw with
cup point
ISO 4029
(DIN 916)
M3x58Link (1x)
Hexagon nutISO 4032
(DIN 934)
M262In “Screw pack 1”
WasherISO 7089
(DIN 125)
M220In “Screw pack 1”
Square nutDIN 557, or
DIN 562
M3139Link (3x)

Step 6: Ball head

In the suspension we need some Shock Absorber Damper Ball Head


  • Type: F290007
  • Inner diameter: 3,2 [mm]
  • Outer diameter: 5,8 [mm]
  • Height: 7,2 [mm]

Step 7: Transparent Plate (optional)

We would recommend to use plastic transparent sheets at least where are fix, non-movable glass on the Cybertruck.


  • Color: Fully transparent
  • Material: any transparent plastic
  • Thickness:
    • Recommended: 0,4 mm,
    • Maximum: 0,5 mm
  • Size:
    • Recommended: B4 size (364 mm x 257 mm), A4 size (297 mm x 210 mm), or similar
    • Minimum: 190 mm x 170 mm
  • Quantity:
    • From the recommended B4,or A4 size: 4 pieces at least

Our proposal:


  • Any other transparent plate, which fulfill the specification


If you purchase the digital data from our Shop, in the downloaded attachment (02_Components_for_Model_car\Step_07__Transparent_plate\) you can found a dedicated template drawings to cut the transparent plates to the correct size.

In this case be carefully to print the drawings exactly in 100% scale and cut it with attention, or the transparent board will not fit in their place!

One example drawing attached here for example.

We also made a 3D Printed cutting tool for the transparent foil, you can choose how you want to cut them.

5 responses to “2. Components for model car”

  1. Step 6: Ball head
    I needed 16 for the AWD version.
    Can this be mentioned so this is clear for those who still need to buy everything?
    Fortunately, I ordered enough of them.

  2. The use of M2 Washers is not mentioned anywhere in the list of components to be purchased.
    Where should the M3 Self-Locking Hex Nut be used?

    • The missing M2 washers also fixed. The wheel can with, or without M2 washer install, but if the tightening to strong, it can easily press the surfaces under the M2 screw head. Therefore it is recommended and in the last time we introduced the washers.

      The M3 Self-Locking nut not used anywhere. (It was used in the Skateboard rear region to fix the upper control arm: in the past were simple screws and M3 locking nut fixing, and not D3 shaft with Ball Head. So everything is connected. When the online user-manual was started, the design was a different yet).

      Again, thank you! 🙂

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