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1. Introduction

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Step 1: Thank you, your purchase!

First, we would like to thank you your purchase, we hope you will enjoy the complete building process and the result.

If you are in trouble, you don’t understand some step, or you have an idea to make it better? Let us know!

Step 2: Design goals

  • Our primary goal to have a 3D printable version from all Tesla cars and maintain it during the complete lifetime. We started with the Cybertruck, but we would like to make from all Tesla a small, 1:10 scale version,
  • We made a similar solution, structural in the 1:10 scale version like on the 1:1 original, where it was possible,
  • Powerfully, reliable design: We want to make a fast, reliable cars, with so many 3d printable parts, which is physically possible,
  • Not completely 3D printed: Some parts has to be metal, if we want high performance!
  • Support free 3D printing! We hate to remove the supports, so we carefully design all parts, few parts still need support, because:
  • the best part is no part: We tried to merge the functions, remove the not necessarily parts. Do you found a part, which wouldn’t need? Let us know!
  • Less M2 screw as possible: where it was possible, we use M3 screw for easier building. Some place we still need to use them
  • Less screwing in plastic as possible! Yes, it is possible to screw in a plastic but we don’t like it. Where it was possible, we have nuts for the screws

“The best part is no part”

Elon Musk

Step 3: Get ready your tools

You need these tools:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Allen keys (4x: 1,5 mm; 2 mm; 2,5 mm; 3 mm)
  • Vise / Hand Vise
  • Wallpaper Cutter / Scissors
  • No soldering is required
  • No wire crimping is required
  • On the most part support is not required
  • No drilling is required

Step 4: Get ready your 3D Printer

You need an FDM 3D printer, or somebody, who can print the files. You can ask help wherever you live! Check the closest Prusa printers:  https://world.prusa3d.com. Your 3D printer should be:

  • Stable! To do long, 16 hours prints,
  • 250 mm x 210 mm x 210 mm build volume is the optimal. All parts can fit on a Prusa Mk3, or similar printer,
  • the most of the parts fit on the 180x180x180 build size, except few, where you can ask help from the community!

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