Tesla Cybertruck RC

11,97 $

Introducing our first digital purchasable Tesla 3D model: the Tesla Cybertruck RC car. You can build a Cybertruck model car, or fully functional, high-performance RC car in 1:10 Scale with our detailed online assembly manual.

3D Printed Skateboard and Exoskeleton

  • You can choose to build a Rear Wheel Drive (with single motor) Cybertruck, or All Wheel Drive version (with independent dual motor drivetrain) RC car
  • Front LED and rear LED Lights, double wishbone suspension, rack and pinion steering gear, open differential, active air cooling and match-match more features
  • You have a functionally doors, front trunk (frunk), tailgate, front middle folded seat and even a working vault-like storage. You have everything like one the Original 1:1 Scale Cybertruck


Main features of the Tesla Cybertruck RC

RC car features

Full of game features

Lot of features in an 1:10 Scale body

RC car features

Support free 3D Printing

92% os the parts printed without support!

RC car features

Powerfull drivetrain

You can build a single motor version (RWD), or dual motor (AWD) version

RC car features

Skateboard, Exoskeleton

Similar structure like on the original Cybertruck

Full of game-features

Cybertruck front

You will found a proper front Trunk (frunk), like in every good electrical car and a front LED light, like in every proper RC car

Vault-like storage

We could implement the vault-like storage on our Cybertruck RC. With your hand you can open and close it any time, you wish

This feature is our favorite one! For optimal working print the Tonneau from PET-G on Prusa Mk3 to ensure a long lifetime, because PLA has match lower Impact resistance, like the PET-G

Working suspension

“The Cybertruck RC car features a double wishbone suspension, which provides a good compromise between fast driving on solid asphalt and off-road conditions.”

The hardness of the suspension spring can be adjusted to individual taste

Cybertruck Tailgate

The RC car tailgate has all of the features, what the originally Cybertruck have

You can fold the tailgate in horizontal position and it can fold down completely, so you can drive up in a pickup truck with a future Cybertquad


We have designed the interior of the Cybertruck RC as it was presented in November 2019: with Yoke steering wheel, middle Screen and with fold-down seat in the front row

Cybertruck Rear

We implement the hidden luggage compartment under the bed of the pickup, the rear license plate LED light and the rear position lamp too

Support free 3D Printing

Cybertruck Exoskeleton Quarter Panel
Cybertruck 3D Printing without support

We don’t like to remove the Printing support

During the design we tried to eliminate all of the printing support. On the 92% of the packages we could do it!

The purchased .stl and .3mf files already oriented to the printing direction

And in extra you can print in even on a Prusa Mini, or any 3D printer, with at least 180 x 180 x 180 mm (7,09 x 7,09 x 7,09 in) build size

Tesla Cybertruck RC Printing Specifications

3D Printing Time

14 days Printing

3D Printing Filament used

3,2 kg used filament

3D Printing Materials used

PLA and PETG filament

3D Printing files

113 package to print

3D Printing Layer height

0,2 mm layer height

Printing time with 0,4 mm nozzle

0,4 mm Nozzle

Powerfull drivetrain – RWD, or AWD

Powerfull, still easy to print and assemble

We placed the complete drivetrain with the open differential in our – support free – Rear Giga Print part – It is similar like the Tesla Rear Giga Castings

The suspension control arm, the rear bumper – with integrated position light and license plate light – fixed too on our Tesla Cybertruck Rear Giga Print

You have an option to build only Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version, if you like to drift and loose the grip intentionally

Tesla Cybertruck Skateboard Rear Giga Print
Tesla Cybertruck Rear Giga Print

Tesla Cybertruck Skateboard Front Giga Print
Tesla Cybertruck Front Giga Print

Same drivetrain components can build inside the Front Giga Print

Same drivetrain components, which is used to the rear drive, can be used on the front drive too, if you want to build an All Wheel Drive (AWD) version

In the front Tesla Cybertruck Giga Print we built the complete drivetrain with the open differential and the steering parts, the suspension parts, the optional front LED bar holder bracket and the optional motor cooler fan also can fixed to our Cybertruck Front Giga Prints

Skateboard platform and Exoskeleton

Three pieces skateboard platform

Our skateboard made from three big sub assembly, like on the Tesla cars: Front Giga Print, Rear Giga Print and the middle section for battery and electrical components and wires

Every mechanical and electrical parts, which related to the driving, and lighting are stored in the Skateboard.

We have some idea to implement the structural battery idea to reduce the car weight, we will update our design later on

Tesla Cybertruck RC Skateboard
Tesla Cybertruck RC Skateboard

Tesla Cybertruck RC Exoskeleton
Tesla Cybertruck RC Exoskeleton

Cybertruck Exoskeleton for RC car

The design of the Cybertruck is still changing from day to day, so we present the prototype status at the moment and will adapt it to the production Cybertruck in the future, specially after the first Cybertruck Tear Down videos by Munro Live

We already have a functionally doors, front trunk (frunk), tailgate, front middle folded seat and even a working vault-like storage. You have everything like one the Original 1:1 scale Cybertruck

Purchase information

What you get?

  • 700 MB of data, which includes all the files needed for 3D printing: .stl files, .3mf and .gcode files
  • Detailed online assembly manual
  • Lifetime support for future updates

What you need?

  • 3D Printer with at least 180 x 180 x 180 mm (7,09 x 7,09 x 7,09 in) build size
  • Supplier parts for model car and for RC cars
  • 14 days for printing

Where is the purchased file?

  • You can download it at Account / Downloads

Cybertruck drifting in snow – Let’s make donuts!

Jumping tests on concrete surfaces

Onboard Cybertruck video on bumpy grass

Snow test

Cybertruck Performance on dry concrete surface


I am pleased to announce that the first minor update of Cybertruck RC has been released today.
New features in version 1.1:
  • the iconic November 2019 wheel cover – hubcap is available (you can optionally snap on the wheel …
Greetings Everyone! I am very happy to announce today that the digital data version V1.0 of the Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 scale RC car is now available on the webshop. The 3D model that you can download now is based on …

Technical Specification

1:10 Scale Tesla Cybertruck RC Specification
Dimensions Length: 589 mm (23,19 in)
Width: 203 mm (7,99 in)
Height: 191 mm (7,52 in)
Complete Printed filament weight3,2 kg (7.05 lb)
Printed filament weights
(if there are no failed prints)
1,2 kg (2,65 lb) Black PLA Filament
0,8 kg (1,76 lb) Silver PLA Filament
1,05 kg (2.31 lb) Any Color PLA Filaments (Proposed: Black)
< 0,1 kg (0.22 lb) White PLA Filament
< 0,1 kg (0.22 lb) Red PLA Filament
< 0,1 kg (0.22 lb) Black PET-G Filament (proposed)
< 0,1 kg (0.22 lb) Any Color Flexible TPU Filament (optional)
< 0,1 kg (0.22 lb) Transparent PLA Filament (optional)
Proposed filaments spools to buy 2 x 1 kg (2 x 2.20 lb) Black PLA Filament
2 x 1 kg (2 x 2.20 lb) Silver PLA Filament
1 x 1 kg (2 x 2.20 lb) White PLA Filament
1 x 1 kg (2 x 2.20 lb) Red PLA Filament
1 x 1 kg (2 x 2.20 lb) Black PETG Filament
Complete Model weight (AWD version) 4,2 kg (9,26 lb)

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  1. (verified owner)

    Very nice rc, I made the AWD. Has plenty of power. It is definitely recommended.

    It does take some patience to print everything, I only printed during the day with 2 printers (Prusa MK3S).

    I am already looking forward to the next models, especially interested in the Semi and the Roadster.

    Order everything through AliExpress first when you start printing or before you start. The last pieces from AliExpress took a month to arrive. This worked out perfectly with printing the last pieces.

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